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Lake Harriet, Nordic Walk  
Join us Tuesday, August 21 for a 2.75 mile Nordic Walk around Lake Harriet! We will meet near the Heffelfinger Fountain in the Lyndale Park Rose Garden and start the walk shortly after 6pm. I hope everyone is able to make it to enjoy the scenic loop around Harriet; the weather should be great for the walk also with a low chance of rain and the recent relief from the heat. 
Stone Arch, Nordic Walk  
This should be a great opportunity to walk around the city, especially on a Sunday when traffic should be easier to navigate. We will meet at the Nicollet Island Pavilion off of Merriam St on Sunday, August 26; the walk will begin shortly after 2pm. The Nordic Walk should take about an hour and end up being about 3 miles total. Here's to hoping for some wonderful weather as we get closer to Fall! 

HOW - Hoigaard's Outdoor Women
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