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Outdoor Activities Newsletter

Purgatory Creek Nordic Walk
The next Nordic Walk will be Tuesday, November 6. Purgatory creek is in Eden Prairie, we will meet at the Purgatory Creek Pavilion and begin just after 6pm. I will bring my outdoor rope light to ensure high visibility as we get to the end of the walk. This walk should be a wonderful opportunity to get outside before the snow falls, the paths are paved and wide so the limited traffic on the loop has plenty of room to pass if needed. I hope everyone can join us for the 2.6 mile loop!
Westwood Hills Nature Center Nordic Walk
Westwood Hills Nature Center is always a good opportunity for a Nordic Walk. We will meet in the Visitor's Center parking lot Tuesday, November 13 to begin the walk shortly after 6pm. Please expect this walk to take an hour as we will be walking a 3 mile loop around Westwood Lake.   



Upcoming Events - Hoigaard's Outdoor Women
I have heard from a few people regarding the Annual HOW Ski Trip. If I could please hear from those interested in attending, it would be very helpful in moving forward with the event. The location considerations would include Lutsen, Tahoe or Giants Ridge. If you could please include your location preference and the likelihood of attendance, it could help to narrow the options. The trip likely would occur March 2019 and would extend 3-5 days depending on cost and availability.  Please send an email to if you are interested in attending the Annual HOW Ski trip. 
Feel free to email with any questions. 

HOW - Hoigaard's Outdoor Women
HOW is your opportunity to be active in the outdoors in a fun, social & safe environment.

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