Fishing Kayaks

There's nothing like being out in the open water in a human powered boat with a fishing pole in hand. The maneuverability and versatility of fishing kayaks are what put them in a league of their own within fishing boats. Being nimble, yet stable, the fishing kayaks we carry provide a vessel for doing it all on the water. We carry fishing boats from Freedom Hawk, Native, and Ocean Kayak.

Featured Boat

Freedom Hawk Kayaks are designed by avid fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts who have incorporated unprecedented innovation into their kayak designs. Its patented easy-to-deploy outrigger system and related features provide a solid sporting platform that really works. Imagine switching from kayak efficiency and simplicity to Jon Boat stability with the flick of a lever. The Freedom Hawk is the only kayak to truly let you “Stand and Fish” with 100% confidence. Switch from cruising to fishing in seconds. Don’t settle for clumsy add-on outrigger. Get the real deal, a kayak that’s designed from the waterline up to incorporate a stabilization system that’s easy to deploy.

The Freedom 14 provides the ultimate sporting platform in the world of paddle craft. Freedom Hawk Kayaks excel as small watercraft for Fishing, Duck Hunting, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming and Wildlife Photography.